Our raffle winner this year is none other than our own, Arthur Pace
For over forty years Arthur Pace has bought raffle tickets from the Oyster Creek Rotary Club's annual fund raiser. The prizes have varied wildly over those decades but have always been very large. This year was a $10,000.00 backyard make-over sponsored by Alamo Stone Co. in Stafford, Texas. And yet, Mr. Pace has never won that prize ... until now. I am pleased to announce that Mr. Arthur Pace is our winner for the raffle prize of 2019, and I could not be happier for him. Mr Pace has supported this club with his time, his prayers, his service and with his faithful support of all of our activities as much as he could. Therefore, it was a pleasure to take him over to see my friends at Alamo Stone and help him get some ideas as to what he had won. We toured their inside show room on Wright Road just around the corner from the main location. It is filled with samples of projects that would complement anyone's back yard or patio. Then went to the main yard at 13020 S. Kirkwood in Stafford, Texas. Mr. Pace was wowed at the extensive selection of stone and of applications from which he could choose. He told me that with almost every step around that place he had more and more ideas. Then I introduced him to Connor Molloy, son of the founder, Tom. Connor will be the next generation of the Molloy family to help run Alamo Stone so he will help Mr. Pace through the process of developing ideas and bringing them to fruition. Connor is not new to this business. Even when he was in boy scouts his eagle project was to build a garden for people at First Presbyterian Church down by Herman Park and the Medical Center. It consisted of a significant amount of stone pavers and a stone wall to define the space. It is still an impressive space and a massive undertaking for such a young man but he performed way above the level of the average scout in overseeing this project. I am confident that with him in MR. Pace's court, they will build something equally as memorable. I can't wait for the before and after pictures.