City Manager's Update as he enters his third year in Missouri City
Mar 14, 2018
Anthony J Snipes
City Manager's Update as he enters his third year in Missouri City

Veteran municipal manager Anthony J. Snipes is presently Chief Administrative Officer of Missouri City, Texas, a dynamically diverse and commercially thriving community of 71,000 that is located in premier Fort Bend County and is recognized as one of America’s “Best” places to live.

Mr. Snipes’ career spans more than 20 years and includes achievements in strategic initiatives that involve budgeting and performance management, public/private partnerships and organizational development. He has earned numerous accolades for inspiring his teams with clarity of purpose and leading them toward a shared view of collective goals.  

He joined the “Show Me City” on Dec. 1, 2015 after being unanimously appointed by City Council Members to become the municipality’s seventh Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Snipes oversees 354 full-time employees and a combined annual budget of more than $105 million. 

Before joining the ‘Show Me City’, Mr. Snipes was an executive in different capacities for Dayton, Ohio; Fort Worth and Austin. In all three cities, he implemented proactive programs and led innovative initiatives that set a standard for excellence. 

Utilizing his extensive experience, Mr. Snipes is steering a steady course toward success in Missouri City, forging myriad partnerships, firmly building on the legacy of leadership that established the “Show Me City” as a community that is fiscally sound, safe and scenic.